Highlighted Features

Amperage Adjustment

Installing electrical vehicle chargers into older homes or buildings can be a challenge. With the Siemens VersiCharge, the power output can be adjusted to match facility capability.

Delay Charging Button

Many utilities offer large discounts for charging during off peak hours. With the press of a button, you can delay charging up to 8 hours from the time of plug-in.Charging sessions automatically start after the delay timer has completed.

Did you know?

The price of electricity is dependent on the amount of load used, the more electricity you consume the more expensive it is per unit. Delay option allows reduced peak demand, which can help save electricity and lower costs.

E350e battery capacity: 6.2kw
Range: 30km
Average 20,000km/year


Charge during peak Charge during off peak
3.72 baht/kwh 2.35 baht/kwh
= 0.768 baht/km = 0.486 baht/km
= 15,376 baht/year = 9,700 baht/year

Reduced Charging Time

By upgrading to VersiCharge, you can cut your charge time by up to 70% versus the charger included with your car. Not only that but the Siemens VersiCharge is a 30 amp unit which can charge up to 40% faster than 16 amp available from some competitors.


Compatible with all type 2 full – electric and plug-in electric vehicles. In addition, Siemens has tested VersiCharge for compatibility with Nisan leaf.

Light Bulb

Charging Status Indicating LED – Multi-colored LED halo on VersiCharge makes reading charging status from a distance easier than ever.


Weather Proof Enclosure – The NEMA 4 enclosure of the Universal VersiCharge model is one step better than the NEMA 3R enclosures on the market and can be mounted indoor or outdoor.

Designed for the user and the environment

Front holster keeps dust/debris out of the plug and the cord can be stored neatly around the charger. The housing is made of 60% recycled material with matte finish. It is stylish yet durable, and easy to clean.

Our offers

Free Initial Inspection and Product Installation (standard)

Free site inspection to ensure that your property is suited for the chosen model. Free installation includes small circuit breaker box and 20 m. wiring installation by professionals from your Load cubicle to our product. All breakers and RCD provided are also supplied by Siemens.

2.5 Years Product Warrantee

We provide 2.5 years product warrantee, our team of professionals will replace the faulted product with a NEW one.

1 Year Insurance

We are working with Alliance insurance to ensure that all customers can be worry-free. The scope covers up to 20 million baht damages to the third person or your property.

Installation of your VersiCharge

Initial Inspection

FutureCharge will confirm a time and date of initial
inspection. Our team of professionals will confirm their time
of arrival in advance


Our team of professional will find the best position for your
charger, inspect your load/distribution board and make
necessary measurements.

Installation bookings

We will confirm a time and date of installation that is
convenient for you. Installations takes 5-7 hours depending
on many factors.


Our team of professionals will install VersiCharge, circuit
breaker box, and run wire from your load to the charger.
The charger will be activated and ready for use.


Our Expert will give you a full demonstration of your
charger, what the different lights mean and how to get in
touch if you have any questions.