Benefit of ev chargin 

ev charger thailand

For Workplace:

  • Become a “Green company”
  • Reduce fuel cost for local deliveries/journeys
  • Meet emerging government regulations
  • Attract and retain top talent employees
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Improve productivity
  • Achieve sustainability

For Homes:

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emission enabling cleaner air for the community
  • Achieve sustainability

For Residential Compounds and Condominiums:

  • Attract and retain high value, green-minded residents
  • Support owner’s requests for EV charging
  • Add desirable property upgrade and increase property value
  • Make your property attractive to future buyers
  • Meet emerging government regulations

For Car Dealers:

  • Attract high value buyers
  • Support buyers requests for EV charging
  • Makes BEV or PHEV more desirable
  • Meet emerging government regulations
  • Investments in EV charging supports EV growth and vice versa

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